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What is it going on for PDAC and postdocs?

- Executive is finalizing PDAC budget based upon feedback received by members at the Townhalls that will be circulated for membership approval. 
- Meet with the University to organize the collection of the fees

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What are the next steps for PDAC?

- Budget vote by membership
- Call for nominations for the Executive members (current Executives' 1 year terms end in September 2019)
- Constitution of the bargaining team
- Drafting collective bargaining agreement for presentation to the University Board of Directors

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What PDAC has accomplished since October 2018?

- Referendum and modification of the Bylaws

- Drafted a formal letter with the Postdoctoral Associations of the University of Alberta and University of Lethbridge to the Alberta Government requesting guaranteed postdoc representative to the Board of Governors, the Senate and the Faculty Council of our respective institutions. Letter currently under review with U of A and U of L representatives.

- Enlisted an expert on post-secondary bargaining to assist the collective bargaining team

What PDAC is doing behind the scenes?

Executives are active on committees on behalf of postdocs:

  • Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee

  • General Faculties Council

  • Cumming School of Medicine Executive Faculty Council 

  • Cumming School of Medicine Faculty Council 

  • University of Calgary Task Force on personal relationships

  • Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars / l'Association Canadienne des Stagiaires Postdoctoraux (CAPS/ACSP; https://www.caps-acsp.ca/en/)

Executives establishes and maintains ties to the UofC community:

Executives are points of contacts for postdocs

  • 6 Ask-Me-Anything Sessions

  • 3 Townhalls

  • Numerous cases that required assistance from PDAC

Executives are researching

  • Bargaining procedures

  • Precedents; what was achieved for other postdocs and through whom

  • Labour relations framework

Post-secondary learning act framework

  • Budget items

  • Ways to make PDAC a thriving union and community for us all

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