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CV Resources

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Tips for CV and Reference Letters

Tips for CV writing

Things to think about when writing your CV...

  • How long should the CV be? i.e. is there a page limit?

  • What information should be included in the CV?

  • How much detail needs to be in the CV?

  • How do I tailor the CV to the job description?

  • Do I need to provide any additional documentation e.g. certificates, transcripts?

  • How do I make my CV stand out from others?

  • Do I need to write a cover letter?


  • Keep it concise

  • Work on formatting, make sure it's clean and clear

  • Proof-read CV

Curriculum Vitae

Reference Letters

Things to think about when organizing reference letters...

  • Who should I ask for a reference letter?

  • Which information should be included in the letter?

  • Do I need to provide any documentation e.g. CV, research proposal?

  • How to avoid gender bias in letters?

The Canadian Common CV         (CCV)

What is a CCV ?

The CCV allows researchers to enter and save CV information and data into an online platform and automatically generate CV's in formats suitable for submission to CCV Network member organizations

Tri-council fellowship applications require submission of a CCV.

Red Leaves

More postdoc funding Resources


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