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What is PDAC?

PDAC is the union for postdocs at the University of Calgary 

PDAC’s purpose is to improve of the postdoctoral experience at The University of Calgary by:

  1. Collecting data regarding the experiences and views of our members to ensure appropriate representation

  2. Acting, based on that data, as the collective voice for our members in discussions with the Board of Governors regarding postdoctoral policy, guidelines, and services;

  3. Acting as the exclusive bargaining agent for all postdocs;

  4. Collaborating with the Postdoctoral Office, the Office of the Vice-President (Research), and other groups on campus to promote and develop effective training and career development opportunities for postdocs;

  5. Holding career and professional development events for members;

  6. Creating or identifying and sharing information and resources of relevance or utility to the postdoctoral community;

  7. Recruiting and nominating postdoctoral representatives for academic councils and committees and facilitating communication among postdoctoral representatives across campus;

  8. Promoting postdoctoral engagement in events, forums, committees or initiatives in the wider UCalgary community;

  9. Providing support services for members and facilitating communication and interaction among members;

  10. Supporting advocacy efforts that focus on improving policies pertinent to postdocs

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