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Entrepreneurial thinking events

A serie of workshops organized by PDAC,
and with Dr. Alice de Koning, Academic Director for the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial thinking and RBC Teaching Fellow and Teaching Professor at Haskayne School of Business, both at the University of Calgary.

1. Researchers as Entrepreneurial Thinkers

                                                                            Feb 14 at 1pm MST
Whay do post-doc researchers need to consider if they want to turn their research into innovations or startups? How does social innovation fit in? Why does it matter? T

2.      Networking for project success (ET perspective)
                                                                          March 14 at 1pm MST
Networking is critical to accessing resources, finding customers, building a startup, or implementing an innovation. But networking is not about being a social butterfly. This session will describe a model of networking based on an analysis of successful serial entrepreneurs, and discuss how the model can be adapted to support a post-doc project and future career.

3.     Intellectual Property -- Being strategic about your options                                                                                    April 18 at 1pm MST
University researchers know the value of knowledge, but our protecting intellectual property is less known. Choices you make now as an academic research might limit the options you have in the future. Also, researchers assume they need a patent, and don't realize that there are other options -- including not using IP legal protections at all! This session is focused on the strategic context, the legal process, how to keep your options open, and the practical details of patenting. We will bring together a small panel of experts to share their insights.


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