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2021 Bylaw Revisions

On July 22nd 2021 the PDAC Executive voted to initiate a referendum on proposed revisions to PDAC's Bylaws. The referendum will take place from August 23rd to August 27th, 2021. All members are invited to vote in the referendum!

Proposed revisions include changes to the following sections of the current Bylaws:
  1) Definitions
  2) Article 3: Purpose
  3) Article 4: Membership
  4) Article 5: Governance
  5) Article 6: Executive Elections
  7) Article 8: Authority of the Membership: Ballots and General Meeting
  8) Article 9: Management

Please see the Bylaws update package below for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the Bylaws updates or referendum, please email PDAC or Dr. Andrew Beaudin (past PDAC president 2019/2020), who will be acting as Referendum Officer. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions in the 2021 PDAC AGM

2021 Bylaw Update Resources Package

Bylaw Proposed Revisions

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