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Postdoc Opportunities 

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LGBTQ2S+ postdoc research study

Participants wanted for research project ran by Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal & Drew Burchell at Mount Saint Vincent University aims to find out how LGBTQ2S+ postdocs in the sciences feel about their university/research environment 

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Workplace H&S Stories

PDAC invites you to share any workplace related health and safety experiences

Workers with Safety Vests

IP Stories

PDAC invites you to share with us any concerns, real or hypothetical, that you have over your ownership on the IP or other issues related to IP rights

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Study Invitation: Experiences During Covid-19 Pandemic

---Invitation from McGill University---


During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that early-career perspectives are heard. We are conducting a study about uncertainty and career progression for academics and researchers. If you are an early career academic/early career researcher (working primarily in academia and within 6 years of finishing your PhD OR will finish within the next year), we would like to hear from you. Participation can include an anonymous questionnaire lasting approximately 15 minutes and/or an interview lasting approximately one hour. (Interview participants will receive a small remuneration to partially compensate them for their time.)


To inquire about the study, please contact Dr. Rebekah Willson (McGill University) at

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