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Postdoc Opportunities 

Surveys & Feedback Opportunities

LGBTQ2S+ postdoc research study

Participants wanted for research project ran by Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal & Drew Burchell at Mount Saint Vincent University aims to find out how LGBTQ2S+ postdocs in the sciences feel about their university/research environment 

Workplace H&S Stories

PDAC invites you to share any workplace related health and safety experiences

IP Stories

PDAC invites you to share with us any concerns, real or hypothetical, that you have over your ownership on the IP or other issues related to IP rights

Return to Campus Survey

The University of Calgary is considering several options for postdocs, staff and students returning to work full time on campus in the summer/fall, and one of these options is returning with no physical distancing measures in place. We want to hear your questions and concerns you may have about this situation.

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