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PDAC is a newly minted union, ran by postdocs for postdocs

Join PDAC in building a strong community, in which postdocs are provided:

  1. Fair and reasonable compensation and benefits for their work

  2. Effective career and professional development opportunities

  3. A supportive social network,

  4. A protection from arbitrary decisions;

  5. Rights and privileges similar to those provided to graduate students and faculty members

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PDAC Highlights

Collective Agreement

PDAC has negotiated with the UofC to establish fair employment conditions for postdocs


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PDAC is getting a rebrand in Jan 2021!

New year, new PDAC!

Congratulations to Dr Homa Rafiei Milajerdi (U ofC Faculty of Kinesiology) for winning the PDAC Logo Design Contest! 

This winning logo will be used for the PDAC rebrand!

Happy New Year 

from your PDAC Executive!


PDAC is organizing a number of virtual events for postdocs

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